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Upcoming Auditions

Actors please note that the director for The Flies has changed
and that some earlier advertised information is no longer valid.
Please read the audition notice below carefully.

We invite actors to attend open auditions for all of our regular shows. To receive reminders of upcoming auditions, click here to be added to our audition mailing list.

We request that actors download and fill out our audition form to bring to the audition. This will include a listing of all your conflicts from the start of rehearsals through closing night, including weekends. Resumés are appreciated. Headshots are not required.

Unless otherwise specified, American accents are used for all shows.

  • The Flies, directed by Richard Bell, bells@theupstartcrow.org; March 7 & 9, 2015. Rehearsals will begin Monday, March 23rd. Performances are weekends, May 15-30.

    The Flies (Les Mouches) by Jean-Paul Sartre is an existential adaptation of the Orestes myth. Unlike most retellings of this myth, Sartre's Orestes becomes the protagonist of The Flies. His decision-making determines the plot and The Flies focuses on creating Orestes' arc as it leads him to truly understand freedom and justice. It is the existential theme of freedom and choosing one's nature and character which will be at the center of this production. This theme of freedom is framed in the original context of liberation from Totalitarianism and easily allows for allusions to contemporary forms and threats of fascism, totalitarianism, and terrorism.

    Please note that auditions for The Flies will differ from The Upstart Crow's traditional procedures. We will retain the previously advertised audition scheduling. In particular, actors must sign up in advance for an audition appointment. Please see signupgenius.com for additional information about casting, audition requirements, and to make an appointment. However, contrary to what is described at that link, we will follow The Upstart Crow's usual rehearsal schedule of Monday-Friday, 7:30-10:00pm. Note that the audition form has changed and headshots are no longer required.

    A synopsis is available at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Flies. Text of the play is available at The Flies script.

All auditions will be held at The Upstart Crow Studio. Actors are requested to bring a resumé and prepare a one-minute reading from a similar play (it need not be memorized). Shows are cast the night of auditions. If you have any questions, please contact the director or info@theupstartcrow.org or call (303)442-1415.

Rehearsals are Monday-Friday, 7:30-10:00pm at the Upstart Crow Studio (at the theater starting the Monday before opening).

All actors in Upstart Crow productions receive a small stipend. Not enough to pay your rent, but it might help with your transportation.

The Upstart Crow Theatre Company is an actors' company and actors are expected to help with tech work - set and/or costume construction weekend afternoons during the rehearsal period. All actors are expected to help with move-in on the Sunday before opening and strike on closing night.

Like all theatre companies, we have a commitment to our ensemble members. Still, we always cast actors from outside our company. Act with us often enough and you'll gain the benefits of membership.

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