Upstart Crow Audition Forms

We ask that all actors fill out our audition form and bring it the audition. The purpose of this form is to provide us with some basic information about you and to provide you with some basic information about what is expected of you for each show. The forms are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or similar software capable of displaying and printing .pdf files.

Just click on the link for the show you are auditioning for. You can simply print the page and fill in the blanks by hand or you can type your information into the appropriate spaces and then print the form (you may have to download the form first and open it with your PDF reader). Don't forget to sign and date the form. At this time it is not possible to send the form electronically - you have to print it and bring it with you. Blank forms will be available at auditions in case you lose this one.

If you have a resumé, please attach it to the audition form.

Please note the section on conflicts! We will make a rehearsal schedule before the first rehearsal and will honor all reasonable conflicts that you give us at auditions (if you can only make alternate Tuesdays, that's not reasonable). If you don't list a conflict we expect you to be available. It hurts everyone if an actor isn't at rehearsal so we will hold you to your conflict list after auditions.

Richard III

Under Milk Wood

Playboy of the Western World

Dear Brutus

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