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Press Release for Dark of the Moon

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Dark of the Moon by Howard Richardson & William Berney opens April 27.

In the Smokey Mountain village of Buck Creek, life hasn't changed much since the day it was settled. Hardly anyone ever comes, hardly anyone ever leaves. Most of the villagers spend their days working their farms to just barely have enough to get by. The only relief from the daily grind is music and singing, the occasional Saturday dance, and a steady supply of Mountain Dew. Of course, the young people have their own ways finding enjoyment.

The God-fearing villagers know that they share their mountains with supernatural creatures that they call "witches". The two groups don't like each other much, but they mostly avoid each other and live a more or less peaceful coexistence. So, when a witch-boy seduces and falls in love with a human girl, then wants to become human, nobody is happy about it.

Dark of the Moon performs at The Nomad Playhouse 1410 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO Thursday-Saturday, April 27 to May 7 at 7:30 PM with 2:00 PM matinees on Sunday, April 30 and May 7. Admission is $25, seniors and students $21 ($22 and $18 for groups of 10 or more). Thursdays are NAME-YOUR-PRICE-NIGHT: pay as much (or as little) as you want before you leave (really!). For more information, see www.theupstartcrow.org/tickets.

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