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$upport The Upstart Crow

The Upstart Crow is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and gifts are fully tax-deductible. Click the Donate button below to contribute to The Upstart Crow via PayPal.

There are many ways to support The Upstart Crow. The best way, of course, is to come see the shows and encourage your friends to come. We can also use (tax deductable) gifts of antique clothes and furniture or your time (see Get Involved) but we always need just plain old cash. The sad fact is that ticket sales just don't cover the cost of producing a show. In big cities with a huge audience base it can, but here we have to compete with football games, the incredible recreational opportunities of the mountains, and just the joy of sitting on the back deck on a beautiful spring evening. Grants help some, but they are small and hard to get. We really need help from those who can afford a little more than just the price of a ticket.

A gift to The Upstart Crow is really a gift to the whole community. More than a third of our budget, 37 cents out of every buck, goes straight to the performance venue. Rent is the biggest item in our budget, so when you help us you are, indirectly, helping provide a performance space for all the dancers and musicians who perform there, all the painters and photographers who exhibit there, all the young artists who train there.

Thirteen cents out of every buck goes to our actors. We pay them a tiny stipend for their work - $35 for 8 weeks work (it averages out to less than 35 an hour) and yet it is our third biggest budget item. Here is where wed really like to spend more, and where your gift would help the most: Were trying to build an endowment that well use one day to pay our actors at least a part-time wage.

The fourth item? Its about a nickle, and it goes for publicity, and just about all of that is spent at home: on local media, local printers, local service agencies.

That leaves us about a quarter to spend on everything else: on sets, costumes, props, scripts, supplies, and so forth. And almost all of that is spent right here in town. So, send us a buck or two. Well share it, and well spend it wisely.

Click the Donate button above to contribute to The Upstart Crow via PayPal or just make your check out to Boulder's Upstart Crow and mail it to us at 2131 Arapahoe Avenue, Unit A, Boulder, CO 80302. Support Boulder's classical theater uncut, as the playwright intended.

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Updated January 26, 2016